Why Travelling is the Best Medicine?

Why Travelling is the Best Medicine?

Work has exhausted us so much. It has made us forget that it’s alright to take breaks once in a while. Our eyes are burning, and our back is struggling to look at that screen and sit for 7 hours. So what are we going to do to recover ourselves? We let our wellbeing slip through our fingers, and we don’t know what it feels like to sit back and relax. What we need is a trip to liberate ourselves from the monotony of life. Why, since travel, as backed by medical research, has proven to be the best medicine. Following is a list of reasons that push you to go for that trip you’ve been planning for the last few months.


Travelling activates your mind

You are not only in a new environment but also in a different frame of mind when you are in a foreign country. There are decisions you take on instinct, and there are things that you do that boost the thinking ability of your brain. The director of the UCLA Longevity Center and Human Behavior, Researcher Gary Small, has shown that travel helps build critical neural pathways. By exploring unfamiliar places, tasting cuisines that you are not familiar with, etc., helps to boost the building effect of the brain.



Helps you make decisions for yourself

Travelling the world can do wonders to your personal life and how you see yourself in your workplace. Your mind is free to think about how you can change things for yourself, and this cando miracles for your wellbeing and peace of mind. Research has proven that travelling to new places help you attain an open mind that can readily accept change than before.


Travelling is a proven stress buster

Medical studies have shown that stress levels of a person could fall by 89 per cent in a matter of two days while travelling. A study published by the American Psychological Association last year found that holidays work to reduce stress and anxiety by blocking people from the routines and environments that they relate to stress,


Travelling lets you gather your thoughts

There comes a phase in all of our lives when you can no longer focus on your work because it’s becoming too mundane or perhaps you’re going through a creative block. You must travel to any place outside your comfort bubble to reorganize your thoughts and get them in order again. You become more confident, calm and well-armed to take on the world.


You begin to value your home in a whole new way

The 3win2u idea of being away from home sounds a bit scary to us, but sometimes we have to get away from our apartments and breathe the cold fresh air. You begin to realize the importance of your home while on these trips. You understand that home is where the heart is. It calms your mind, and you start to appreciate the little things that your family offers you.

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