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Amsterdam: Travel destination


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It is located in the North province of Holland. Also known as the “Venice of North”, Amsterdam is a highly populated city enriched with the 17th century marvels. With its Canals, tunnels, colourful suburbs, museums and many more historic places, Amsterdam is on the top of every travel destination. The national day of Amsterdam is celebrated on April 20th every year. It is one among the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. From its widely celebrated weed culture to the local bicycling frenzy, everything เล่น สล็อต ฟรี becomes a memory here.

Since the Amsterdam tourism is simply shooting up, we are here with a list of all the things you need to do and see in this beautiful city.

Amsterdam Place

Must Visit places in Amsterdam

If you’re an ardent fan เล่นสล็อต of art, music and literature, then this might just be your paradise.

  1. Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum is a Dutch art museum located in the North side of Holland. This was built in memory of the world famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh whose post impression paintings played a prominent role in Western art culture. The museum contains the largest works of Van Gogh the world has ever seen. This is the most recommended place in any travel itinerary of Amsterdam.  There is no entry fee. People from all over the world visit the Van Gogh museum.

  1. Ann Frank House

Located in the peaceful suburbs of central Amsterdam, Ann Frank house is one among the most sentimental places to visit. Anne Frank, a 13 yr old Jew teenager wrote down her experiences of living closed inside the house for 2 consecutive years with her family, fearing the Nazis in her book “The diary of a young girl” which later on gained a lot of popularity and turned the house into a biographical museum of the author symbolizing the Jewish wartime sufferings.

  1. Rijksmuseum—

This place is any art lover’s paradise. Filled in over 250 rooms, the marvellous art and antiques of the city are a treat to the eyes. Ranging from Medieval sculptures, Modern art style and traditional handicrafts, everything is on display here. This museum is among the most visited places in Amsterdam.


  1. Bike city—

The only way you can truly see the city of Amsterdam is by riding a bike through the city streets, over the bridges and in to the gorgeous valleys. The bike city in Jordaan is the best place for this activity.

  1. Red Light District—

The Red light district is one of the most visited places in Amsterdam. Located in Dewallen, this place offers the most populous bars and entertainment activities along with their famous locally brewed beers in Dutch style.

Why Travelling is the Best Medicine?


Work has exhausted us so much. It has made us forget that it’s alright to take breaks once in a while. Our eyes are burning, and our back is struggling to look at that screen and sit for 7 hours. So what are we going to do to recover ourselves? We let our wellbeing slip through our fingers, and we don’t know what it feels like to sit back and relax. What we need is a trip to liberate ourselves from the monotony of life. Why, since travel, as backed by medical research, has proven to be the best medicine. Following is a list of reasons that push you to go for that trip you’ve been planning for the last few months.


Travelling activates your mind

You are not only in a new environment but also in a different frame of mind when you are in a foreign country. There are decisions you take on instinct, and there are things that you do that boost the thinking ability of your brain. The director of the UCLA Longevity Center and Human Behavior, Researcher Gary Small, has shown that travel helps build critical neural pathways. By exploring unfamiliar places, tasting cuisines that you are not familiar with, etc., helps to boost the building effect of the brain.



Helps you make decisions for yourself

Travelling the world can do wonders to your personal life and how you see yourself in your workplace. Your mind is free to think about how you can change things for yourself, and this cando miracles for your wellbeing and peace of mind. Research has proven that travelling to new places help you attain an open mind that can readily accept change than before.


Travelling is a proven stress buster

Medical studies have shown that stress levels of a person could fall by 89 per cent in a matter of two days while travelling. A study published by the American Psychological Association last year found that holidays work to reduce stress and anxiety by blocking people from the routines and environments that they relate to stress,


Travelling lets you gather your thoughts

There comes a phase in all of our lives when you can no longer focus on your work because it’s becoming too mundane or perhaps you’re going through a creative block. You must travel to any place outside your comfort bubble to reorganize your thoughts and get them in order again. You become more confident, calm and well-armed to take on the world.


You begin to value your home in a whole new way

The 3win2u idea of being away from home sounds a bit scary to us, but sometimes we have to get away from our apartments and breathe the cold fresh air. You begin to realize the importance of your home while on these trips. You understand that home is where the heart is. It calms your mind, and you start to appreciate the little things that your family offers you.

Steps To Help Plan A Trip


I remember when I first started planning a trip, when I really wanted to travel all over the world. I used to feel very overwhelmed, indeed. But then I realized that it need not be that way, all I had to do is, I should take some time to reflect on where exactly I want to go and what I want to do. I also remember having no idea what I was doing and back then, there was no internet if you wanted to know about something as well.

You should know that planning a trip can indeed be a daunting task for anyone. Sometimes you would not know where to begin; you should not fret, all you have to do is take a few deep breaths and decide some really important things first. In this guide, I have talked about some really important things in this guide, make sure that you follow that guide.


  • The first you need to do is decide where you want to go. Picking a destination is obviously important because, you can’t exactly go forward with the planning if you don’t.
  • The second thing that you need to decide would be the length of the trip. How long you want to be away and where and all you want to go.
  • You should also consider the cost of how much it would cost to go to that place and also, how much it would cost to stay there for a couple of days, along with sightseeing as well.
  • Make sure that you have a budget. Add $1000 to that 1bet2u budget, just in case. Make sure that you convert your spending money to the currency of the country you are going to.
  • Make sure that all of your money is not in one purse or in one bag. You should divide it up properly and keep some in each bag so that if something goes wrong, you won’t lose all your money.


  • Make sure that you pack appropriately to the place that you are going to. It would indeed be really stupid to pack coats to a beach destination and beach shorts to a place like Canada.
  • When you are planning a trip, you should understand that it will end up costing you thousands of dollars; therefore, you need to start saving a lot of money. If your trip is costing you $5000, make sure that at least 10-20% of your paycheck is saved just for that.
  • Make sure that your trip planning is focused as well as inspired. Do not leave anything to the last minute.
  • If you book months in advance, you will save a lot of money on air travel as well as hotel bookings.


Travel Hotspots For Bachelor Trips

Bachelor Trips

Arranging an excursion with your closest companions must be probably the best feeling ever. Much of the time, every one of the individuals from the gathering would not have met in, so you need to set up a stellar gathering for your companion who is, at last, getting hitched. You need to go to places event space for rent malaysia where you can gathering like there is no tomorrow. If that is the thing that you are searching for, you, have gone to the perfect spot. I have incorporated probably the best puts ever, where you can have the best time ever with your companions.

 Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Sin City is, without a doubt, the best decision. This is the one spot on the planet where such a large number of things that a man would fantasize about doing can really occur and legitimately too. Vegas is known for its first-rate lavish lodgings, best in class gambling clubs, and some eternal gathering clubs and furthermore strip joints. You and your companions, as unhitched males, can have a fabulous time in these spots. On the off chance that you avoid drugs (like they ought to have done in the Hangover motion picture which is likewise situated in Las Vegas), it will without a doubt be a night to recall.

 Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the Las Vegas of the east coast. Although they probably won’t have such high scale inns, gambling clubs or strip joints, individuals have been known to have an astonishing time over yonder. They are additionally referred to for their shorelines as they are situated on the coastline.



Miami has demonstrated to be a hotspot for shorelines and dance club. Miami is likewise known for its nightlife and is ideal for lone wolf party goals. The best time to visit this place would be November to April. This spot is a smart thought since you can have private shorelines and furthermore pool parties. You can calmly absorb the sun while you are tasting some fresh champagne with your closest companions. They additionally host an incredible gathering club scene.


Barcelona, otherwise called the Sporty City. It is to be sure an extravagant spot with some astounding lodgings. This European goal has the best sort of climate, novel occasions and cool bars.



The Fun City is a fundamental lone ranger goal. It has insane nightlife and overflowing measures of liquor while you are gathering till the night bites the dust. Perhaps the best spot to party and be daring. Thailand additionally has some lovely shorelines. You can loosen up from the wedding worry here. Restore your spirit, body and mind and have a quiet time here.


Need I state more? Ibiza is known for its dance club, so you can move and gathering your night away with your brothers. On the off chance that you like hardcore clubbing, Ibiza is your scene.


The city with the red light is likewise an incredible decision. They have cannabis bistros, bars and every other sort of lone ranger fun you have longed for.

Travelling In And Around Scotland


Scotland will assuredly make you go “Whoa”, more than a couple of times because it is just THAT beautiful. It does indeed have the ‘wow’ factor, and I am happy to say that it is also one of the most well maintained and also one of the cleanest places that I have been to. It is not as metropolitan as London, but it does have its pros. Places like Edinburgh are really advanced, and they have all kinds of 3win2u restaurants as well as shopping areas. The city center is also really happening and has all kinds of places where you can get really tasty food and also you can buy tons of souvenirs.

You can actually treat this guide as a checklist that you can use when you go to Scotland because I will list out all of the must-see places. You should certainly not miss any of these places when you are there. That would be one of the reasons that you should stay in Scotland for more than a week, at least.

  • Stirling Castle is indeed a majestic castle, and it is also one of the most important ones in Scotland. It has been successfully restored and it does indeed give you a great insight as to how royalty was in the 16th century. You will also have some of the most amazing views from the castle as it is situated on a higher land area. The atmosphere is beautiful, and you should go there in the summer for the best weather and to get amazing pictures and flower seeking and buying in SGFlorist by visiting

Travel Scotland

  • Loch Lomond is a really famous Loch just like Loch Ness which should also be on the top of your list. Loch Lomond is indeed really iconic and is one of the best ones. The shores of this Loch are perfect for picnics and for you to just chill and relax and leave all of your troubles behind. The atmosphere will make you glad that you are there because it is a perfect blend of lake life and greenery, which is all around it.
  •  Isle Of Skye has been deemed one of the most spectacular places in Scotland, and it will also give you the best views as well. It will leave you with a feeling of serenity, and it is very high, which would be one of the wow factors. A lot of TV shows and movies were actually shot here. The view will take your breath away. When the weather is perfect, you will love it.
  • Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galway, and more are just a few places that you can spend a couple of days in. Air-BnB is great for stay.